The European Institutes for Advanced Study (EURIAS) Fellowship Programme offers 10-month residencies — mainly in the Humanities and Social sciences — in 18 European cities. For more information click on the map below or check the list of participating Institutes.


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    Hungarian Art: Confrontation and Revival in the Modern Movement

    Éva Forgács, DoppelHouse Press, 320 pages with 102 illustrations, December 2016.



    A collection of insightful essays, monographic texts and rarely seen images tracing from birth to maturation several generations of Hungarian Modernism.

    Leading modernist scholar Éva Forgács corrects long-standing misconceptions about Hungarian art while examining the...

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    "Challenging state modernity: Governmental adaptation and informal water politics in Mexico City"

    Felipe de Alba, Current Sociology, September 23, 2016


    This article analyzes political practices shaping water usage in the Mexico City region. Based on four different case studies, it reflects on the role of intermediaries in the state restructuring process. The cases explore political negotiation over the use of water in contexts...

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    Tropical Cowboys. Westerns, Violence, and Masculinity in Kinshasa

    Charles Didier Gondola, Indiana University Press, Bloomington & Indianapolis, 225 pages, 2016.



    Ch. Didier Gondola is Chair of the history department and Professor of African History and Africana Studies at IUPUI. He earned a Ph.D. in African History from the Université Paris 7. His publications include numerous books, articles and chapters...

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    Christine Helmer, Arthur E. Andersen Teaching and Research Professor, Professor of Religious Studies and German, Northwestern University & former EURIAS Fellow launches "Luther and the West" MOOC (massive open online course).


    The course launches October 3rd, 2016. 


    About this course: In this course will be discussed the history of some ideas that have been hugely...

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    In August 2016, NIAS has moved from Wassenaar to the heart of Amsterdam. The Institute is now located in the elegant St Jorishof building situated in an enclosed garden just off the famous Kloveniersburgwal. The building, which was built in 1747 as a residential home for the Burghers of Amsterdam, provides at least thirty offices for scholars from the Netherlands and abroad to work on their research project for one or two semesters. Fellows from abroad are offered...

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    Les Spectacles francophones à la cour de Russie (1743-1796) l’invention d’une société

    Alexeï Evstratov, Voltaire Foundation, University of Oxford, 2016.



    Le théâtre en langue française, qui fut au centre des occupations quotidiennes de la cour et des élites urbaines russes au XVIIIe siècle, n’a jamais été exploré de manière systématique. L’ouvrage d’Alexeï Evstratov vient combler ce manque, en...