application materials

Before applying, please read the following instructions carefully:


• Candidates apply exclusively through the online application system. 

• Paper applications are not accepted.

• Incomplete applications will not be considered.

• Applications not complying with the maximum length criteria will not be considered.

• Late applications will not be considered.



(i) Please create an account via the user space to access the application platform. Recommended web browsers Firefox and Safari (some technical problems may occur with Internet Explorer and Google Chrome)


(ii) In order to provide evaluators with relevant information to perform their work efficiently, EURIAS fellowship applicants are required to submit in English exclusively (applications in languages other than English -also partially- will not be considered) :


• The completed EURIAS application form
• A curriculum vitae comprising a list of publications (full contact details, academic and professional experiences – up to 7 pages, and a list of publications – up to 3 pages).
• A detailed research proposal (up to 5 pages and a maximun of 10,000 signs (spaces not included) and a bibliography – up to 1 additional page) -both restrictions must be observed-

• For candidates applying for junior fellowships, two letters of recommendation (letters of recommendation are optional for senior applicants)*

• Publications in pdf format (2 for juniors, 5 for seniors) – in case publications are in a language other than English, an English-written abstract is required. **

• Copy of the PhD diploma in pdf format – if the writing system used in the diploma is not Latin (but, for example, Cyrillic, Chinese, Arabic or some other), a Latin script university certificate or official translation must be attached as well.

(iii) Applicants are required to specify the following in their proposals:


• The relevance and connections of the research to a wider academic context
• The aims and methods of research
• The current state and schedule of their research
• The cooperation partners, including national and international contacts, when applicable
• The interdisciplinary dimension of the research, if relevant
• The importance of trans-national mobility for achieving research objectives
• Their motivation for participating in the programme
• Issues concerning research ethics, if relevant

(iv) Applicants are required to indicate up to three IAS and to justify their choices. The order of the indicated IAS implies a ranking by order of preference. Applications lacking justification for these choices will not be considered.




Recommendation letters are to be submitted via the application form.

Candidates are offered two solutions:

(i) applicants upload the letters themselves in a pdf format via the dedicated field of the application form,

(ii) or they may enter the referees’ email addresses via the online application form. The referees will instantly receive an email containing a personal login for EURIAS interface. They will be able to upload their letter of recommendation (in a pdf format) in full confidentiality. Applicants will not be able to access these documents.


** All submitted publications must comply with the following indications:

(i) mention clear bibliographical reference for each document,

(ii) the maximum length of an attached publication is 30 pages,

(iii) an English-written abstract must be included at the beginning of the publication in case publications are in another language than English.

Applications with publications not complying with any of these indications will not be considered.